About RealGold

Three generations of Quick Family members have produced Genuine Gold products SINCE 1929 when Edward Quick, Sr. opened a small manufacturing facility in Elmhurst, New York. Today, third generation family members Jamie Quick, Michael Quick and Andrea Quick carry on the tradition by producing a wide range 22, 23 and 24 karat Genuine Gold film, foil, glitter and flake products.

JAMIE QUICK - (President / CEO)

Jamie is experienced in every aspect of vacuum deposition of precious metals including the manufacture of 22 karat gold film, flake and glitter. Jamie was, for many years, President of the SignGold Corporation. Now, at Real Gold Inc., he has led in the development of a new range of up-graded and innovative precious metal products for the Sign Vinyl, Nail Polish, Hot Stamping, Yarn and Dome Restoration industries...to name a few.

MICHAEL QUICK - (Vice President)

Thoroughly experienced in every facit of genuine flake and glitter production and their applications in the music, automotive paint and fiberglass industries. Mike's specialties include drum wrap and guitar pickguard production.

BILL CROWLEY - (Vice President - Sales & Marketing)

Bill has over 40 years of both domestic and international sales and marketing experience with genuine gold foils and films. Bill was formerly Vice President of the Signgold Corporation for 20 years and is a pioneer in the development of Genuine Gold for the Sign Vinyl and the Dome Restoration Industries.

PAMELA QUICK - (Secretary)

ANDREA QUICK - (Treasurer - Export Coordinator))