• COST: Since Egyptian times thousands of years ago right up to the present day "gold leaf" has been laborously and expensively hand-applied in 16 sq. in. "leaves". Now there's REALGOLD a revolutionary all weather film with 22 karat gold embedded and sealed into it...and sold and installed at a fraction of the cost of traditional "hand-gilded" gold leaf.
• DURABILITY: Guaranteed for 15/20 years with an expected outdoor life of 30 to 40 years. It's unaffected by Ultra-Violet Light and virtually maintenance FREE!
• QUALITY: Totally free of variation from roll to roll. "Pin-hole" free. REALGOLD does not tarnish or fade!.
• APPLICATION: 2 mils (48 microns) for EASY cutting and application. Comes with a pre-applied permanent acrylic adhesive on a silicon release liner for easy lift off and application to dome substrates....typically cut on site into 6" (15cm) by 12" (30cm) sizes for application and is much like shingling a roof
• AVAILABILITY: 6 in.(15cm) x 20 yds.(16.25M) rolls or sheet sized to your specific requirements.

• Real Gold 22 Karat genuine gold architectural fluoropolymer film offers outstanding performance over an extraordinary temperature range from -130°F to +245° F.
• Real Gold's resistance to chemicals and weathering, low flammability and stress crack resistance makes it the ideal choice for architectural roof, church dome and cupula designs.
• The low surface energey provides a virtually maintanance free surface that is anti-graffiti protection against bird droppings and other contaminants which are simply washed away by rain.
• Real Gold architectural dome film products with its pre-applied permanent acrylic self-adhesive for easy application, is guaranteed for 15 years and has a life expectancy of 30-50 years if applied according to manufacturers instructions.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the 22kt Gold is embedded in the underside of our hi-tech film. This film is "grafitti" resistant to airborne contaminants, has a wide (tropical sun-northern snow) temperature resistant range and is not affected by the destructive ammonia in bird droppings which are simply washed away by rain water...making REALGOLD 22kt gold film virtually maintainance free!

Choose from four patterns: Extra Large Engine Turn, Large Engine Turn, Florentine Antique and...the new Burnished Gild, with the look of traditional "hand-laid" gold leaf.

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Dome Gold Application Instructions:

To achieve Dome Gold's full life expectancy visit our application instructions page to learn how to correctly apply our product.