REAL GOLD 22 karat Gold lettering and graphics sign vinyl are brilliant and long lasting for application to Boats, Vehicles, Fire Apparatus and other exterior grade applications...ALL with a 15 year warranty. New vinyl products include a range of 150ft rolls in our Florentine design for cars and trucks. Also, we now offer Plate Gild (hi-Bright) and Burnished Gild (Matte) for Reverse cut application to glass. A wide variety of STRIPING 50ft. Striping rolls custom cut to your specifications1/2" to 3" with or without black, red or blue borders...are available upon request.

PREMIUM SILVER? - "Non-Tarnishing"

Here is the Sign Industry's First and ONLY exterior grade Non-Tarnishing SILVER lettering and graphics sign vinyl for Boats, Vehicles and Fire Apparatus, etc.10 Year warranty. A range of matching striping rolls are also available .

REALGOLD PICKGUARDS - "Paint & Fiberglass"

Real Gold Inc. has created Sparkle Pickguards that the guitar world has never seen before, effectively rocking the industry standard for all that glitters.

REALGOLD, INC is the ONLY manufacturer in the World producing a wide range of 22, 23 & 24 karat genuine gold films, flakes, laminates, threads, yarns nail polishes and glitters.

Our management and production teams draw on three generations of experience in producing unique and innovative precious metal products for a wide range of applications for a variety of industries including Sign Making, Dome Restoration, Custom Striping, Nail & Cosmetics and more.

  • Flake for Custom Auto Paints
  • Flake for Guitars/Bass
  • Flake for Fiberglass
  • Glitter for Cosmetics
  • Loose Glitter for Nail Art
  • Glitter for Nail Acrylics & UV Gels
  • ...and more.

If you have a question and/or a special application need for a genuine gold product...Please email Bill Crowley billcrowley@realgoldinc.com