Real Gold (22kt.) Sign Vinyl for lettering & striping fire trucks, boats & vehicles. Buy on-line factory direct! 15 year warranty.

• Introducing!: PREMIUM SILVER--The Sign Industry's ONLY Exterior Grade non-tarnishing Silver---10 year warranty. Ideal for truck, boat and fire apparatus lettering, graphics and striping. Sold 15" wide...$23.00 per yard...any length 1 yard to 20 yards. Choose from our standard four patterns. email: To order PREMIUM SILVER call Pamela at 386-873-4849.

• New!: PIN STRIPING--22 karat Gold 3/16" & 5/16" double 150ft rolls in dispenser boxes. $29.95 1/16"X (1/16" void) X1/16", $39.95 1/16" X (1/8" void) X 1/8" and $49.95 1/4" single stripe. email: To order PIN STRIPING call Pamela at 386-873-4849.

• Sign Industry First!: 22 karat Gold "MATTE CENTER-HIGH BRIGHT BORDER" for reverse cut glass application...for banks, jewelry stores, restaurants, bars, high end retail shops, etc. Sold 15" wide...$54.50 per yard...any length 1 yard to 20 yards. email: order call Pamela at 386-873-4849.

• Custom Cut Striping: 22 karat GOLD STRIPING any width 1/2" to 3" available in our four standard patterns Burnished, Florentine, Large Turn and Extra Large Turn. For pricing email

• Printable: Available Regular Non-Printable...Gerber Edge (R) Thermal Printable, Latex Printable and Solvent Ink Jet Printable.

• PRICE: SAVE!!!...Buy Factory Direct On-Line...Here's how...Four Simple Steps to the right...

  1. 1 Choose one of these..."Regular Non Printable", "Thermal Printable" or "Solvent Printable"
  2. 2 Click on the "Pattern" draw down box to make your choice of Burnished Gild, Florentine Antique, Large Engine Turn or Extra Large Engine Turn
  3. 3 Click on the "Size" draw down box for the width and length roll you want to order (roll cost shown immediately) and...
  4. 4 click on the "Add to Cart", fill in the information and the total cost of your order including shipping charges will appear. Your order will be confirmed with a tracking number and shipped within 24 hours.


"...Extremely impressed with REAL GOLD'S color and look...cutting, weeding and application was a dream...this is, by far, the best product on the market today..." Butch "Super Frog" Anton, Super Frog Signs & Graphics, MN

"...LOVE the new REAL GOLD...cuts and weeds's beautiful...makes my customer's trucks look great..." Karen Souza, Cranberry Signcraft, MA

"...I've been doing fire trucks and ambulances for 20 years...I demand the best for my clients...REAL GOLD has exceeded my expectations..." Vaughan Fitch, Vaughan Fitch Graphics and Design, Nottingham, MD

"...REAL GOLD is the only choice for exterior signage and marine graphics...color consistency and quality unmatched..." Chris Bourgeous, Bourgeous Sign and Design, ME

"...We only make top quality signs...switched to REAL GOLD...better brilliance & depth of color..." Dawn Fancy, Young and Fancy Signs, MA

"...REAL GOLD is the best thing I've seen in a long time...big improvement over other gold products..." Artie Schilling, East Coast Artie's Pin Striping at the Beach, SC

"...REAL GOLD...great product...easy to work with...applies wet easily on big jobs..." Pamela Wedemeyer, Sea Maid Boat Lettering, FL

"...Really like REAL GOLD'S Burnished color and specialty vinyl in a long time..." Mike "Z", Countryside Signs, MA

"...We letter and stripe on average 120 fire trucks per year...use only REAL GOLD...the solvent printable gold is exceptional...looks great..." Hank Levins, Sign Solutions, MS

"...REAL GOLD is a great asset to our boat lettering business...great service and the gold looks spectacular!..." Jason Fitzpatrick, Sea Monster Marine, CA

"...I like REAL GOLD...softness and subtleness of patterns...closest thing to laying real leaf..." Bob Rochon, Creative Sign Works, MA

"...REAL GOLD is a beautiful sign vinyl product that prints, cuts and weeds consistently good...a high dollar money maker and finest film product on the planet..." Larry "the MacGyver" Mitchell, Sign Chef, Inc. CA

"...Always use REAL GOLD on yachts and vehicles...cuts clean, easy to install, holds up to extreme outdoor exposure...does not delaminate..." Brendan & Travis Brandon, Designs and Signs, MD

Our new company REALGOLD, INC., has substantially improved the previous SIGNGOLD film product that I helped create 20 years ago. We now have a more heavily coated gold (richer color) with a new Hi-Tech longer lasting (15-20 year) UV resistant film plus a new higher tack permanent adhesive...and you will find it much easier to cut, weed. lift and apply!

Choose from the four popular patterns which have the brilliant "yellow caste" of "hand-laid" surface gold leaf. Recommended for sign making, fire apparatus graphics, boats graphics, yacht lettering, trucks, glass windows, fire truck lettering, boat lettering, sailboat striping, digital signage, outdoor signage, clipart, fire truck striping, vinyl graphic signs, Ferrara fire apparatus, Pierce fire apparatus, E-One fire apparatus, KME-Kovatch fire apparatus, Seagrave fire apparatus, Spartan fire apparatus, Crimson fire apparatus, luxury yacht graphics, cool signage, business signage, exterior signage, boat names, sign supplies, gold leaf, gold gilding, gold gilders, 22 karat gold vinyl, 23 karat gold vinyl, 24kt gold vinyl, cove striping, 3/16" by 150ft striping, striping installers. sign making supplies, window graphics, ambulance lettering, ambulance reflective striping, emergency service graphics, EMS lettering, ambulance graphics, Rosenbauer fire apparatus, Midway fire, mega yachts, gold striping, dome restoration, Roland plotters, optically clear vinyl and 3M reflective

All 4 Real Gold patterns are "Gerber" Punched available 15" X 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 yard rolls and...all are also available unpunched 24" X 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 yard rolls.



Samples and additional information are available upon request at